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Highly experienced teachers lead the staff of Mountainside School. Teachers are certified - including STARS required training. They attend yearly continuing education workshops and are committed to the education and care of young children.


  • Director, Debbie Giralmo joined Mountainside in 1985 and has been in her current role since 1999.
  • Marie Helm has been with the school since 1980.
  • Colleen Delcarlo joined Mountainside in 1981.
  • Margo Roske, teacher and assistant arrived in 1992.
  • Kay Michael came to Mountainside in 1999.
  • Deborah Morton teaches the toddler program. She joined Mountainside in 2008.
  • These longtime teachers anchor and train new staff members.


  • Barbara Green has her masters in Early Education from University of Washington.
  • Phyllis Ballough is a certified Early Education teacher with a degree in Daycare Management.

Specialty Classes: These classes are included in your child's tuition. We recognize how precious family time is with your child. Therefore, we save you the time of transporting children to their extracurricular activities.

  • "Gymnastics Express" is taught by Jet Renkert. Jet has taught at Mountainside for ten years, to the delight of all of our children.
  • Holly Parsons is our music specialist. Holly provides the program taught to our children on Music and Movement. Her goals are to provide a firm musical foundation. She believes in exploration, confidence, and participation. Her goal is to create a love of music in children and expose them to a variety of instruments and songs.
  • Colleen DelCarlo has developed a Spanish language program that is visual, age appropriate and exposes children to foreign language at an early age. Opening this window in the brain enables children to learn languages more easily at later date.
  • Shannon Anders teaches ballet on Mondays. Shannon has been associated with Mountainside many years. This class is for ages 3 years and older. Contact teachers if you are interested in taking one of these extra classes.

General Information
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Please call 425-392-9366 for current openings, and tours.